I’m Sashi, and I’m a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in the Boulder/Denver area.

I’ve been working professionally for the last eight years with embodiment, intimacy, and personal development. Personally, I’ve been on this path of self-discovery and growth for the majority of my life.

My faith in what is possible in the therapeutic arena is inspired by two aspects: first, what I’ve experienced in my own life, and second, the transformation I’ve watched unfold in others. I’ve witnessed people move through depression into joyful participation with their lives; watched them claim their vulnerability as strength and develop greater capacity for intimacy, conflict, connection, and interpersonal sophistication.

I’ve seen individuals transcend outdated, habitual patterns, while simultaneously developing more compassion and acceptance for the various parts and nuances that make up who they are. And while my style is uniquely tailored to what each person brings, I work largely from an underlying foundation in mindfulness, and a playful, compassionate curiosity rooted in the rich territory of relationship that arises between you and me in the present moment.

Ultimately, my goal as your therapist is to remind you, that: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”. –Joseph Campbell

Throughout this site you’ll find information on me, different modalities that I work with, free recorded meditations, and various inspirations that have informed me along the way.